以下は朝鮮中央通信の配信Japan's Hostile Policy towards DPRK Denouncedの内容なんだけど、
Pyongyang, October 11 (KCNA) -- Japan recently decided to ask the countries concerned to help it in its efforts to have a resolution on the non-existent "north Korea's human rights issue" adopted at the United Nations in a bid to press for the solution of the "abduction issue." Meanwhile, it is begging the U.S. not to de-list north Korea as a "sponsor of terrorism" unless the "abduction issue" is solved. In this regard, Rodong Sinmun today observes in a signed commentary: It is shameless and ridiculous, indeed, for the Japanese reactionaries to take issue with somebody's "human rights issue" instead of honestly admitting, apologizing and compensating for their past human rights abuses. As far as the "abduction issue" is concerned, it had already found a solution thanks to the sincere and humanitarian efforts of the DPRK. It is a far-fetched assertion for Japan to persistently raise a hue and cry over the "abduction issue," demanding the DPRK bring the dead persons to life and send them back to Japan. It is nothing but a clumsy ploy to use the "abduction issue" as a card to achieve its sinister political purpose. The present Japanese authorities would be well advised to draw a lesson from the miserable end of the preceding "Cabinet" which staked its political fate on the solution of the "abduction issue." Nevertheless, the present Japanese authorities are behaving quite contrary to this. Some days ago, the chief Cabinet secretary of Japan said the regime was replaced by a new one but the basic stand on the policy towards the DPRK would remain unchanged. This goes to clearly prove the wrong intention of Japan. The present Japanese authorities are keen to use the "abduction issue" as a sort of lever. This only reveals their intention to follow in the footsteps of the preceding "Cabinet" which regarded it as its policy to have the "abduction issue" settled. If the six-party talks aimed at discussing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula are to make progress, it is important, above all, for the participating nations to earnestly approach the talks with a sincere attitude and stance on the main purport of the talks. Japan is now persistently considering the "abduction issue" as part of the agenda of the six-party talks. This attitude and stand compel the DPRK to reconsider whether Japan is qualified to participate in the talks. Japan seems to be keen on deliberately throwing obstacles in the way of the six-party talks and thus bar the peninsula from being denuclearized in a bid to secure a justification for nuclear weaponization and realize its ambition to become a military power and launch overseas aggression. Such trite artifice will only invite derision and criticism from the world people and precipitate Japan's isolation and destruction.


 さて、同じくアメリカ政府、そして盧武鉉の前のめりに懸念を表明しているのが今日(13日)付のWashington Postの社説Change in North Korea?です。

 タイトルからして既に懐疑的なんですが、「北朝鮮に変化がみられるかよ?」っと振っておいて、"So far, there's little sign of it."ですから「兆候はほとんど無いけどね」っと落としておいて
If Mr. Kim genuinely intends to change his regime, the proof will come not this fall but next year, when the Bush administration hopes he will accept the complete dismantlement of North Korean nuclear facilities and give up his weapons. Mr. Bush clearly hopes to make such a breakthrough part of his legacy. Certainly it is worth pursuing. But the danger is that the regime's strategy is not to transform itself but to take advantage of weak and waning U.S. and South Korean administrations to extract economic and political payoffs while keeping its nuclear bombs.



 参考までに紹介しておくと、やはり朝鮮中央通信の9月29日のリリースにJapan's Pernicious Pillage of Gold Resources in Koreaちゅう記事があるんだが、これに書かれているのは、日本統治時代に我が国が朝鮮からどれほどの金を奪い取ったかという話で
the Japanese imperialists took away over 19,813kg of gold in 1937 and 25,759kg of gold in 1939 and more than 134,527kg of gold produced by the Nampho, Munphyong, Hungnam, Janghang, Haeju and Ryongampho Smelteries in the period from 1937 to 1944.
Japan should apologize honestly and compensate for the brutal crimes in Korea in the bygone days.


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